UNDERCOVER’s Latest Boot

For its Fall/Winter 2016 collection “Instant Calm,” UNDERCOVER released a mid-cut boot made to do nothing but turn heads.  Looking down on these boots, they seem to be just your every day work boots designed by an un-imaginative hive mind destined for a cubicle- just like the potential customers.  On the other hand, seen from the side, the sole would be a courageous step forward for even a company that understood what the consumer wants.  Seen from the back, with UNDERCOVER printed in obnoxiously large silver letters, the wearer can only hope to not look like a standard carnival clown.

Selling these boots for $830 USD, UNDERCOVER seems to believe that the round mac toe and premium leather cancels out the atrocious appearance to the potential customers.  For the most part, they are right.  There will always be one or two idiots that think they will be the next brave soul in the fashion industry and take a risk by wearing these.  Despite the consumers embarrassing themselves and the brand, UNDERCOVER will get exactly what they planned for: 70% profit margins.

When an ex-clown applies for an office job.

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